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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Message Board

My good friend got married almost one year ago, so I thought it's a good time to post the message board I gave her for a wedding present!  I had to go out and buy my first hot glue gun!!  It was also my first time attempting rolled fabric flowers.  Kind of gutsy to have all these FIRSTS be for a project I was giving to someone else, but hey, we're still friends, so it must not have been too awful.  All I needed was fabric scraps, glue gun, empty frame, cute piece of paper, vinyl letters, dry erase marker and velcro squares.

I asked my friend what her wedding song was, and it contained the line "You are my Shining Star."  I thought this was PERFECT for the beginning of an "I love you" message board, so every day they could share a reason why the other was their Shining Star.  I'm in love with the paper I put in the frame, as a background -- it had bubble flowers on it!  You can't see on the backside, but I purchased a small dry erase marker, attached one part of a velcro square to the marker cap, and attached the other half of the velcro square to the back of the frame.  That way, the marker is nearby and you're not going to lose it!

There are SO many message boards, dinner menus, calendars, etc. you can make with an inexpensive frame and a dry erase marker!

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