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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Favorite Things 2013 {giveaway!}

One of my best friends does a "Favorite Things" blog post every November. I love it! I've always wanted to copy her idea and do one, too. Well, this year is the year of doing things I've always wanted to do, so I am officially doing it. It will be a fall tradition here at Put A Bird On It. I can't wait to look back in 5 years and see all the different things that were my favorite at the time. What are a few of your favorite things??

Sonia Kashuk lip balm in hint of coral
Goes on like butter. Sold at Target. Love!

Cry. Cry. Cry. Every episode. Start at the beginning. This is the best show on TV! I often text my sister-in-law that watches it and I vent how the storylines make me mad or I wish so-and-so did this...but I love it, because it's real life. And the soundtrack is amazing!

Forever 21 Polka Dot Sweater
I wear it every day. Ok, not every day. Some days I wear my Star Wars sweater. But basically every day. I'm wearing it now.

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Cocoa
This girl can't eat dairy {boo!} which 9 times out of 10 means NO hot cocoa. And what is wintertime without hot cocoa?! I found this hot cocoa mix at {of course} Target only. It is dairy free! And if it's not and I'm wrong -- don't tell me -- I can't handle the truth.

West Elm Throw
I love me a snuggly blanket. Ask my husband. We have one comforter on our bed that we share -- then my side of the bed has THREE other blankets. I love the comfort that blankets bring. I have this striped throw in RUST and it is my FAVORITE!! {keep reading -- you could enjoy the comfort of one, too!}

Starbust Studio Jewelry
This lady is my new best friend! Ok - maybe not in real life - but I love her jewelry. I just ordered a bunch during her Instagram flash sale last week! It is all quality handmade by Katie Stilwater. Plus, I love her blog for cute crafty tutorials {like this cute DIY washi tape bracelet}. If you're not following Starburst Studio on Instagram, you are missing out!

Well, there you have it! A few of my favorite things. I probably should seem grown up and put a book or a recipe I love, but reading and cooking come after the hot cocoa drinking and blankie snuggling.

Here is the best part!!!


I am giving away a West Elm striped throw {in gray! swoon} and the necklace pictured above from Starburst Studio! Enter using Rafflecopter widget below. There will be TWO winners. One for each prize.

Good luck! Enjoy my favorite things!



1) West Elm Throw -- Nikki
2) Starburst Studio Necklace -- Dresden
**Email me at {danieladavis17@gmail.com} to claim your prize!**

****Not the winner this time?? Stick around! Follow my blog, Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on all things Put A Bird On It. More giveaways and fun posts to come!***

Giveaway ends Monday, Nov 25 at midnight!


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  1. Cool Tradition!! Daniela is awesome!!

  2. Oh.. was I supposed to say one of my favorite things?? One thing would be my brown boots- I've worn them so much they are starting to fall apart!!

    1. I need some cute brown boots! I have cheapo forever 21 ones that are also falling apart

  3. I'd like to take the famous credit as saying I'm the sister in law who loves parenthood with you! I love chatting with you weekly about it. It's a favorite of mine for sure. Another favorite lately is coconut oil which I use lots and tell you all about. ANOTHER favorite is Moroccan oil for my hair. I use it about 3 times a week and it helps my hair and ends feel sooo much more healthy. There ya go! 3 favorites should be 3 entries:)

    1. What would I do without our Parenthood chats?! Still love Julia and Joel?!?! I'll have to try Moroccan oil. Sounds saucy.

  4. Replies
    1. It is so good right?! Who are your faves?? I love amber and Ryan but no one else does.

  5. One of my FAVOTITES is Dry Shampoo & Conditioner! It saves me as a busy working mama on the days I just don't have time to wash and style! I have a post all about it on my blog. LOVING your blog and so happy JoyLyn told me about it! :) We need to collaborate sometime!


    Whitney Walker

    1. I've always wanted to try dry shampoo but I'm a big skeptic. I think I will try it now! Your post made me a believer. I would love to collaborate! Shoot me an email and we'll chat!



  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Mmm yes, love West Elm. Lately I've been loving all things baby ;)

    1. I need to do a baby fave things post cause there are so many awesome baby products out there! Also, I love the green stripe fall wallpaper you designed. I'm downloading it for my phone! :)

  8. I have so many favorite things baby snuggles, and that west elm throw is amazing!!

  9. So excited about the give away! The blog looks great!

  10. This giveaway is amazing! I love both prizes :)

  11. Your like Oprah! Favorite Things!

  12. one of my favorite things is my body pillow my man bought me last year. i cannot sleep without it.

    1. I used a body pillow when I was pregnant. Even now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I still use it! Love it!


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