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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SHARE THE LOVE GIVEAWAY ~maternity shirt~

I'm so excited to announce that I am doing a GIVEAWAY!

I have a shop on StorEnvy where I sell my Maternity Countdown Shirts. It's called Put A Bird On It -- just like my li'l ol' blog here. Here's the link!   http://putabirdonitshop.storenvy.com

 I'm hoping this giveaway will get the word out about my shop and hopefully get some new followers here on my blog. And -- most importantly -- help one more person get a cute baby bump shirt. Even if you aren't pregnant - or married - or a girl - you know you totally want this shirt. Give it to a friend {baby shower!}. Plan for your future. Or you can even wear it cuddled up in front of the fire, watching Kardashians and drinking hot cocoa - crossing off a number each time a sister mentions their derriere {you'll finish you shirt pretty fast!}. That's what I would do. :)

You can enter using Rafflecopter below! Don't forget to share with basically every cool person you know and maybe the not so cool ones too. :) Share the love!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Even if you don't want to enter {or -- the sad ending -- you don't win!}, you can still get your hands on a purdy little shirt by clicking the shop link above. AND, since I love love {and you}, use the promo code SHARETHELOVE to get 20% off your order {during the giveaway}. Cheers!

The giveaway ends Sunday, Oct 27 at midnight, so enter while you can!



  1. I love craft blogs but I don't necessarily follow any. I like it when friends post other people's blogs and ideas. I guess I can't really think of anything that makes craft blogs annoying, except when I feel like the projects get too expensive because of " special" materials being used.

  2. I have about 20 blogs bookmarked and visit them often just to get inspired. My favorites are Littlemissmomma.com, lilluna.com, northcarolinacharm.com, and brit+co. These ladies really help me stay on track with DIY, parenting, marriage-importance, the seasons, decorating, and fun things too! I am guilty of checking out Marthastewart.com from time to time too. :)

    I think the one thing that makes me stop following a blog is their lack of comment or reader response. And I agree with the comment above me, when stuff for a project starts costing into the $100s....Yikes!

  3. I used to follow a bunch of blogs but when Google Reader was shut down I lost my list. I like "Little Birdie Secrets." One thing that turns me off of a blog is when it seems like there are no original ideas on it and just a copy of several other blogs and projects out there.

  4. I have a few that I "tap" into for ideas: itsalwaysautumn, honeybearlane, soyouthinkyourecrafty, but I like to find new ideas so I'll take a look at any link that looks interesting. I really like original ideas and bloggers who have a great sense of humor. I seriously dislike it when people get too serious or soap-boxy (is that a word?).

  5. @Kristin: Thanks for your comment! I totally agree that expensive projects are NOT for me. I love a simple project I can make during naptime. :)

    @Shelly: Those are some of my favorite blogs, too! Thanks for the tip. I am definitely a replier, so leave comments, and I'll respond! I hope to mix it up with my posts, so it can be a little of everything.

    @Jenny: I've never heard of Little Birdie Secrets, I'll check it out! I try not to just copy other bloggers' ideas, so hopefully you find some new and unique projects here. Thanks for following!

    @Melanie: I absolutely LOVE honeybearlane. And I love having a sense of humor. Life is too short to just be serious all the time! I haven't got on my soap box {yet}, ha ha. I try to throw in a movie quote or two. And anything you see on my blog highlighted and underlined in PURPLE is usually a link to an awesome youtube video. Enjoy!

    Thanks everyone for your awesome comments!

  6. One of my favorite blogs is lilluna.com. I do not like blogs that have crafts that claim you can make them from stuff around your house, but 90% of the supplies no one just has laying around!!! Oh and this may seem weird but any crafts that involve destroying books!!! I hate that!!!

  7. @Brandy:

    I LOVE lilluna, too! And that is hilarious about the destroying books thing. I've always felt kind of weird about cutting up a book, too. Don't worry - I won't post anything like that here, ha ha!

  8. Hmmm, my fav craft blog. I really like miss lovie creations, made a super cute ornament last year from her blog.

    What annoys me or makes me stop following a blog? Rudeness, being condescending, having to link through 5 different blogs to finally find the craft.

  9. @Amy

    I am going to check out miss lovie creations. I love Christmas ornaments! I think this year I'm going to make some of my own. I've wanted to try making monogram ornaments. Stay tuned for more! :)

    Thanks for following and the comment.


  10. Im sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! !
    This will be so fun ! Awesome!


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