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Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Father's Day Tie Wreath Tutorial {no cut!!}

Happy Father's Day!!

This year, I wanted to make a Father's Day tie wreath. I'd seen a few on Pinterest and LOVED the idea. All the tutorials were sort of the same:  get a foam wreath, cut 14 ties, hot glue to wreath. There was only one problem -- the CUTTING 14 TIES part! I don't know about you, but this girl hasn't figured out how to get her money tree to sprout in her backyard yet, so the idea of cutting TONS of my husband's precious ties was out of the question! I thought maybe - just maybe - if I could find ties at a thrift store for 50cents each, then just maybe I could spend $10 bucks on the wreath and use those ties. BUT NOPE! Apparently used ties are a hot commodity, because each store I checked, the cheapest tie was $3. One store even had a used Prada tie for $30. Again - out of the question! So I thought there has to be another way. But I couldn't find even one tutorial on making a tie wreath that didn't involve cutting the ties.

So I gave up.

On my tie wreath.

And moved on to other projects.

UNTIL -- (dun dun dun....) --



I found a 12" metal wreath form that I'd been meaning to make a mini burlap wreath with, and DING! it hit me that I could possibly use it to make a no-cut tie wreath. And it worked. Quite nicely! I threw in a gold vinyl DADS! in the middle for an extra su'm su'm (the husband's idea!), since we were hosting our family for dinner and celebrating several DADS! that night.

Father's Day Tie Wreath {no cut!}
I got my wreath and my husband got to keep his ties. Perfection.


The Goods:

1x -  12" metal wreath form
Several ties (I used 9)
Double sided tape
Ribbon or burlap for hanging

Organize your ties how you want them on your wreath. I went for blue, brown and gold tones.
With the tie facing you, as if it were on a person, wrap the small end of the tie through the wreath hole and tuck it up into the 2nd metal piece for stability.
Take the rest of the tie and continue wrapping around the metal wreath form, so the back of the tie is facing down and the front of the tie is always showing.
When you get to the end, the pointy part of the tie should be positioned so that you can place it last and have it showing on the front of the wreath. I had to tighten or loosen each tie to adjust the positioning. You may have to start over, if it isn't positioned right. After a couple, you get the hang of it. Once it is positioned correctly, place a piece of double sided tape on the back of the tie, as pictured. Then, you can flap it over and stick it to itself. Some ties may need a couple pieces of tape, depending on the material.
The finished tie should look like cute, little tie envelopes. Aww.
Continue wrapping ties until the wreath is complete!
It is seriously the easiest wreath I've ever made. AND, you get to keep all your ties.


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