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Friday, February 28, 2014

DIY Blog How To for Blogger Platform ... Guest Post by Audrey of Miss Audrey Sue

hi girls! i'm dang excited to be over here, guest posting for Daniela today! i was totally stoked when she emailed, asking me to do this. this is my first time "guest-posting"...haha so bare with me, mmk? eeeek! okay, who the heck am i? i'm Audrey, and i blog over at Miss Audrey Sue. no, my middle name is not "Sue". i actually don't have a middle name at all (unless you count my maiden name), but you can read a little more about me here if you want. besides being a mommy to an 19 month-old-crazy-toddler-boy, and a baby girl on the way, i design blogs for the Blogger platform (custom & premade!), and i freaking love it. a lot of topics crossed my mind when thinking on what to write about today, but i kept coming back to a DIY blog design tutorial. something that i consider myself pretty good at, and something that people are always searching for, right? right. i didn't want to just give you a standard "here's how you center your header" or "here's how you change your font" tutorial. i tried to think of something that you don't see a lot, and i finally decided on:

(wow, so yea that was a lengthy title but oh well...)

do you see what i'm talking about?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

J is for Jordy Giveaway on Facebook

Hey everyone! Are you having fun at the link party? I hope so! I'm inspired each and every week!

I wanted to let all my blog friends know I have a great giveaway that just started on Facebook. I am giving away a boutique print from J is for Jordy to you and 2 of your friends! I first discovered J is for Jordy at an adorable boutique market in my hometown. I fell in love with her prints and just had to introduce you to her shop! Amy is the sweetest and is so generous to give away 3 of her prints {note: online they are listed as instant downloads, but winners will receive actual prints in the mail!}. I have one of her prints up in Ava's nursery. It is a lyric from one of my favorite songs, Mine by Taylor Swift: "You are the best thing that's ever been mine." This song was referred to me by one of my besties - when I was going through a particularly hard time - she said it reminded her of Conrad and me - and she was super right. Now, we have a new little bundle that is the best thing that's ever been ours.   :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Link'n Blogs #14

The winner of the Boughtin Baby & Bride giveaway from last week's party was Nicole Bosley!
Stay tuned for more fun giveaways.

Welcome to Link'n Blogs {#14} !
A place to link up your projects and make new friends. We are all about visiting links and following new bloggers here at Link'n Blogs. Remember to leave comments and PIN PIN PIN!
Cause sharing is caring. 

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Interested in guest hosting Link'n Blogs?!
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Grab my party button! 

I am sharing my homemade sweetened condensed milk. Dairy free is the way to be. ;) 

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Katelyn from Learning, Creating, Living 

Katelyn is sharing a great post that teaches you how to turn a picture into a painting. This is really really cool!

Be sure to give some love to our guest hosts - you will love their creative blogs!

We are happy to have Teresa from Crafty Wife back as a guest host! If you love Disney - you'll love Crafty Wife.

Teresa is sharing a fun and colorful spring wreath. I love the colors she chose. It inspired me start working on my own spring wreath!

Kristen's blog is all about a more "natural" way of life. Staying fit, eating healthy, and lots of fun baby reviews. Kristen is sharing a yummy looking recipe with us today.

Here are this week's features:

Instagram Hop with Learning, Creating, Living

Hey everyone! My friend Katelyn asked me to be a co-host of her fun Instagram Hop. I am a lame blogger and am totally late posting it! Sorry! There is still time to get IN on the IG fun, though. Link up your Instagram account below. Everyone that links up is always really fun to follow! No need for a blog - you don't have to be crafty - you can be a terrible cook - and you can only post pictures of your food. ;) You just need an Instagram account! Have fun!

1. Follow your host:
Katelyn- Instagram: @learningcreatingliving
Blog - Bloglovin - Facebook - Pinterest

2. Follow your co-hosts:

Alyssa - Instagram: @alyssaleane
Blog Bloglovin - Facebook - Pinterest

Marisa - Instagram: @burlapandbananas
Blog - Pinterest - Twitter - Google+

Daniela - Instagram: @putabirdonitblog
Blog - Bloglovin - Facebook - Pinterest - Twitter

DIY Explosion Box ... Guest Post by Becky from My Paper Craze

Hi there! I'm Becky from My Paper Craze, a bloggy-duo that I enjoy with my partner-in-crime {aka Mom}. We love searching on Pinterest, as well as inventing and experimenting with our own ideas! Our blog goal is posting {REAL} crafts for {REAL} life, so be sure to hop on over for home d├ęcor, kids crafts, holiday inspiration and {MORE}!
I am super excited {and honored} to swap guest posts here today with Daniela! Two heads are always better than one, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the projects we have for you! Definitely stop by my blog {click HERE!} to see what Daniela's got going on! Today I want to share with you one of my first and {favorite} paper crafts...


Not sure what an explosion box is? Allow me to give you a sneak peak... prepare yourself to be in awe {LOL}.


Isn't that cute? Imagine unwrapping an explosion box instead of a regular ole birthday card! You know what I love to use them for the most? Gift cards! You can create pockets in the sides to hold just about anything... we'll get to more of that later, though. So, does that pique your interest? Maybe you'd like to try out your skill at explosion boxes? Well, they are actually super easy, with or without a cutting machine!
Now, I will disclose that the above explosion box was created using the Scallop Explosion Box from the Silhouette Online Store. However, I've given you an easy template to follow to make your own by hand! Here's what you'll need:
  • Two 12x12 sheets of cardstock (the thicker, the better)
  • One 12x12 sheet of patterned paper (to match the cardstock)
  • Adhesive (a glue stick or glue gun will work if you do not have any scrapbooking tools)
  • Embellishments, as desired
First step... 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Go To Outfit from To Adorn

If you go back a couple posts, you will see that I recently reached my 100th post here at Put A Bird On It. One of my favorite parts of blogging for the past 6 months has been getting to know lots of amazing companies and getting to show off their great products to Y-O-U. If you click on the Sponsor tab at the top of my blog, you can quickly see all of the great companies I get to work with. I don't get paid to be affiliated with them - I just get a sample of their product to be able to write an honest review. I never promote anything I don't absolutely LOVE, so you know when you hear me rave about something that it is totally true! :)

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my most favorite daily deals sites: ! You may allow know about them - I've done a couple amazing giveaways with them already. Read through, because there is a link to 10% off!

Who they are. At To Adorn, they feature several deals every day, all at low prices. I love their products, because they are super relevant to my life. Gorgeous handmade accessories, lots of fashion items, home decor like vinyl and pillowcases and cute boutique items. All at a great discount. I also love buying from them, because I know most of the vendors are boutique shops here in the USA.

How it works. Every day, new deals are posted at 12am. Deals only last for 3 days, though, so you need to stay on top of it to be sure you get what you want! I've been that girl that had my eye on a cute item and hesitated and it was gone!

How you can get it on the fun. Head to to view all their deals. I recommend signing up for their newsletter, so you can get an email about their deals. That helps me, so I am the first to know about today's deals. Plus, if you CLICK HERE, you can get 10% off your first purchase!

How I wore it. When I posted about my favorite Top Knots, I had a giant disclaimer that I am NO fashion blogger! I feel silly taking photos of myself ... and try to leave the cute modeling to baby Ava. :) But, I do love showing off things I love, which is best done showing me using the item. So you get some photos of ME here. We took a lot and they all are of me laughing, because my husband just kept saying "do stuff" - which just made me laugh. Also, people kept walking by and watching us. So yeah. This is my last disclaimer on fashion posts, ha ha. I need Whitney to give me some tips! {you can check out her fab fashion blog here >> Polish & Pipsqueaks} These jeggings are my FAVORITE. I wear these jeggings almost every day. I love that they are thick, so nothing shows throw {which means - yes - they can be pants!}. This is my total go to outfit: leggings, tunic, cardi & flats.

tunic & leggings from To Adorn

Follow me on Instagram, where I post more fun deals like this one! >> @putabirdonitblog


Monday, February 24, 2014

Homemade DAIRY FREE Sweetened Condensed Milk

Good day, loves! Today, I am sharing with you a recipe that will save your life if you don't eat DAIRY. Whatever the reason - food allergy, nursing momma, health choice, taste preference - some of us cool peeps just can't eat dairy. I have a food intolerance to dairy, so I can cheat sometimes, but really I should be "eating good" and sticking to my non-dairy diet. The recipe I have for you today is for Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk. As a once-dairy-eater turned non-dairy-eater, I know that sweetened condensed milk is in SO MANY delicious, divine desserts. Up until this past week, I passed on them ALL, but now I can make any of them! This recipe definitely needs to go in your back pocket, because a whole new world of desserts has just been opened up to you. You're welcome. ;) Best part of all? There are only TWO ingredients. Goodbye canned sugary milk - hello sweet, velvety, silky goodness.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy 100 at Put A Bird On It

YAY! A couple days ago, I reached my 100th post here at Put A Bird On It. I almost didn't write anything special because of this... but I just couldn't let that lovely number pass me by without stopping and reflecting. It's like a birthday ... you kind of get a chance to pause and think about the past and everything that has brought you to this point. I thought a little commemorative post was in order, so that's what you get. Since I have new followers since starting at post number 1, I thought you might like to get to know a little about me ... the girl behind Put A Bird On It. It might get a little wordy, but hey, that's just "me" - I like to write! So thanks for being here on my blog and experiencing this crazy beautiful life with me.

I'm married to that guy.

And momma to this girl.

{here's where it gets a little's the only spot, I promise!}

I learned to play the piano when I was 3. I've been playing ever since. Music is my outlet. The one thing that I can always control. When I was growing up, if ever I was sad, I would sit at my piano and play. I would play everything away. Music is my life. I grew up in Springville, Utah. We had season tickets to all the BYU basketball & football games, which means I will bleed blue until the day I die. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My parents divorced when I was 13...or 14...I don't really know...don't we all kind of block that stuff out? {enter: major music zone, haha} I grew up with my dad and sister and that's where most of my memories are. My dad and I would play music duets (him on trumpet, me on piano) almost every night. My sister and I, every Thursday night, would order pizza & breadsticks and watch the new episode of Friends ... watching for my dad to come home, so we could hurry and change the channel before he saw what we were watching {yep - I grew up with satellite TV but all the channels were blocked except Disney - and I loved it!}. I love DISNEY everything. I can quote the movies like nobody's business. I own all the Disney Sing-A-Long videos. My life dream is to go to Disneyland. Every. Year. I home schooled from junior high until my junior year of high school. I joined choir and was in the school musicals - that saved me. Again - music. I graduated in 2006 and entered a music program at Utah Valley University {UV High, baby!}. I met two of my very best friends there through the music program ... one of which, on a Tuesday night, introduced me to a very cool dude that would one day become my baby daddy. Music has been a key part of every good thing in my life. I married the coolest dude I'd ever met on March 8, 2008, in the Salt Lake City Temple, for time and all eternity. We bought a little yellow house in west SLC. Two months after moving in, our basement flooded, and that began the 5-year renovation of our home. We've made our house into a home and it is 100% US. A few crazy beautiful years later {and I mean crazy beautiful years}, and it was time to grow the fam. On December 10, 2012, Ava Noelle was born. Joy that can't be described or spoken was felt that day. We've just been kicking it in our home ever since. My mom and I have really become close since I've had Ava. I love seeing their relationship and getting to know my mom better, too. Every get together we have to cry at least once {but at least we get it out of the way at the beginning, right, Mutti?!} I love being a wife and a momma. Both have brought the hardest moments in my life - but, more importantly, both have proud the most pure joy I have ever known. Speaking of pure joy, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {aka "I'm a Mormon"}. I have hope and faith in so many things, many of which you can learn more about by visiting LDS.ORG <<<

I have been blogging for a couple years now. I started my blog as a way to journal my crafty adventures. It really took off when the Maternity Countdown Shirt I made for myself during my pregnancy went viral on Pinterest! You know that really wholesome TV show {i hope you read my sarcasm there} on MTV about Teen Moms? Well, they featured my shirt on their Facebook page. My sister called me freaking out all excited and, I have to admit, I felt pretty cool that day. Apparently the countdown shirt thing is really popular amongst teen moms, ha ha. I really started trying to grow my blog in August 2013; and, here I am, plugging away. I have had some amazing experiences just through blogging. 

A few of my faves:

I've met some of the BEST people, too. I can't even name all the amazing bloggers I've met, but you know who you are! Although we haven't (all) met in real life, I love my bloggy friendships. :) AND, I have some really exciting things starting this year. I feel so blessed and happy with where my life is at right now! You never know where you're going to end up - so enjoy the journey.

Ok. So there aren't 20 questions. But I did ask on Facebook what you'd like to know about me, so I'll answer those questions here!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Art ... Guest Post by Teresa of Crafty Wife

Hello everyone, I am incredibly excited to be sharing a simple and colorful diy post here at Put A Bird On it!  Daniela is so creative and I am so excited to be a part of her blog this week! My name is Teresa and I blog over at Crafty Wife, where I share my love of Disney along with simple and fun craft projects. I had this idea in my head a while ago that I wanted a craft quote on the wall above my work space.  Something that would inspire and motivate me whenever I looked up at it as well as bring a bit of color to my rather boring and white apartment walls.  I decided to go completely out of my comfort zone and hand stitch a saying on fabric.  

Embroidered Hoop Art by Crafty Wife

 For this project I used:
  • Sample fabric from Joann Fabrics
  • Wooden embroidery hoops (1 - 6in x 6in, 2- 4in x 4in, 2- 3in x 3in)
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Pencil
  • Fine point sharpie
  • Buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Batting
To make sure I got the exact look I wanted, I played around in Photoshop with different fonts and word positions until I got everything just right.  Then, I printed out my design on regular computer paper.

Mock-up Printable of project  

I laid the computer paper underneath my sample fabric and traced the words on to the white linen with a pencil.  After I was done, I went over the letters with a fine point sharpie.


 Using a back-stitch, I traced the letters (by hand) with my pink embroidery thread.  Depending on how long the quote is this part of the project can take a long time (it took me about three hours!).  Once the quote was done, I decided to add a few buttons to bring out the green on my computer chair.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Link'n Blogs #13 with a giveaway!

Welcome to Link'n Blogs {#13} !
A place to link up your projects and make new friends. We are all about visiting links and following new bloggers here at Link'n Blogs. Remember to leave comments and PIN PIN PIN!
Cause sharing is caring. 

This week, we have a giveaway as part of the link party, so be sure to find it below and ENTER to win a great prize!

**Your links will show up on ALL blogs hosting the link party!**

Interested in guest hosting Link'n Blogs?!
I've created a spreadsheet where you can sign up to host a link party! It's a great way to get to know other bloggers, share a recent post with other party goers and pick the features. Sign up using the link below!

Grab my party button! 

I am sharing some simple ways to add Radiant Orchid to your life in 2014. I didn't like the Pantone Color of the Year at first -- until I did some research -- and am now in LOVE with it. I also have a huge giveaway of over $100 in Radiant Orchid goodies, so be sure to stop by and enter!

Radiant Orchid Ideas & Giveaway

Katelyn from Learning, Creating, Living 

Katelyn is sharing her cinnamon roll pancakes. I mean - come on - what could be better than a cinnamon roll in a pancake?!

Be sure to give some love to our guest hosts - you will love their creative blogs!

Pamela is one of my newest blogging friends! Not only is she insanely creative on her blog & has an adorable Etsy shop, but she is a total sweetheart and doesn't mind answering all my crazy questions about marriage and parenting and baby #2 and on and on. :) This is one lady you definitely want to follow. Pamela is sharing some adorable ideas for packaging gifts or products. I definitely will use her ideas for my own shop!

You will love Kathy's great ideas for healthy eating and living. I've already got my eye on a bunch of yummy recipes I want to incorporate into my weekly meals. Definitely go check it out! Kathy is sharing a delicious clean eating chimichangas recipe. Yum!

Here are this week's features:

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