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Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Ways to Add the Pantone Color of the Year "Radiant Orchid" to Your Life in 2014 ... and a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Who are the Pantone people and why do they get to decide what color is "IN" this year?! This question always baffled me. I read the Wikipedia page (cause of course that's where all knowledge comes from, ha ha), and I guess a group of colorfully important people meet together at a secret location in Europe and decide which hue will determine fashion, home & design shades for the following year. I guess WHO they are doesn't really matter - just WHAT shade they pick! And this year, it is RADIANT ORCHID.

AKA - purple! I think I own one purple shirt and ... well ... it stops there. When I saw that Radiant Orchid was the color for 2014, I kind of was like "what you talking bout willis?!" Purple? Really?! I just put it out of mind and decided I would wait for next year's color and hope the Pantone peeps didn't mess up again in 2015. But it kind of nagged at the back of my mind, and I decided to give this pleasant purple a chance. So I turned to Pinterest. A simple search of those two colorful words brings up a MASSIVE WORLD of pretty purple that I immediately fell in love with! I am all about Radiant Orchid now! 

photo credit: HauteLook

Now, we all can't go around painting and wallpapering our homes per Pantone's annual color palette, even if it is very pretty. But - there are some simple ways you can add the Pantone Color of the Year to your life, without drastically changing anything or spending lots of money. Simple touches here and there are all it takes to add this pretty purple to your life this year. AND - stay tuned until the end of the post - I have a huge giveaway for you with over $100 in Radiant Orchid items you could win!

Phone Case. Add a little radiant orchid by updating your phone case with one like this. No commitment here - it can easily be changed! This one is a little pricey at $25, so get a cheapo case & some purple washi tape and you can DIY a similar one for much less.

photo credit Society 6

In the Kitchen. Since the theme is "simple ways" to add Radiant Orchid to your life, I think small pops of this color are the way to go. I started thinking about my kitchen and how I could add Radiant Orchid there, and I found these awesome hand painted wooden spoons from ReInventHome. I kind of have a "thing" for funky wooden spoons. I have some from Target that look like drumsticks {for the drum playing husband}, and these purple ones would be the perfect addition to my growing collection! Can you think of other simple ways in your kitchen you could add a pop of Radiant Orchid?

photo credit ReInventHome

Wedding Bouquet. Getting married this year? Why not add the Pantone Color of the Year to your color scheme? These purple flowers are gorgeous! And I love them with that shade of blue, too.

photo credit Allure Atlantic

Printable Agenda. What better way to remember the Color of the Year than a printable agenda you'll use the entire year? I love this one from Pretty Organised. Customize the pages, print them out, and you are set to organize 2014 in a gorgeous way.

photo credit Pretty Organised

Hair Ties. I have been swooning over these hair ties for a few months now and am jonesing for these Radiant Orchid ones! I love these ones, because they don't snag or pull your hair. This set from Lucky Girl Hair Ties is literally the Pantone Color of the Year {as in, the shop owner actually had them matched exactly to be Radiant Orchid!}. How cool is that?! I can definitely see a top knot in my future with a pop of purple.

photo credit Lucky Girl Hair Ties

DIY Food Toppers. Ok, I'm pretty much in love with these DIY heart toppers that are made out of pipe cleaners. So easy. Definitely something I could whip up easy for a little extra purple sparkle at my next family breakfast or birthday party {I can totally picture them in cupcakes or on top of a cake!}.

photo credit Babble

Ombre Tissue Paper Garland. Speaking of parties, have you seen these cute tissue paper garlands? I've been wanting to make one, but now that I know I could buy an adorable ombre radiant orchid one, I might skip the DIY and go for the BUY. This one is from a cute shop in Cali called Tissue Paper Party. I love all their colors of garlands, but of course am in love with this radiant orchid one! Your whole party doesn't have to be purple, you can definitely keep it low key with a garland and maybe those cute DIY cupcake toppers. I could see this used as a photo prop for baby photos, too!

photo credit Tissue Paper Party

Flowers. Another flowers suggestion, because flowers are such an EASY way to add a pop of color to any room. We have a local flower shop just around the corner from our house, and I am definitely heading there to look for some flowers in Radiant Orchid {hmmm maybe some orchids!}. Also, does this picture make you want to chalk paint a bucket white? Cause it makes me want to chalk paint a bucket white...

Pillow Cover. You don't have to paint the walls or change your couch color to add Radiant Orchid to a room. How about adding a cute purple pillow? I found this Love Print pillow cover from Bexcaliber. It would be really sweet in a nursery or cute as an accent pillow on your bed!

photo credit Bexcaliber

Bedroom Accents. I found this sweet bedroom with purple accents that shows perfectly how you can add a pop of Radiant Orchid (like the pillow above!) without spending a lot of money or making big commitments like paint or pricey bedspread sets. Add pretty flowers on the nightstand or a purple pillow to bring the Pantone Color of the Year into your room. Feeling like a DIY project is in your future? I love the stool at the foot of the bed, and I'm sure there is an easy to follow DIY tutorial out there that could help you make a purple one of your own.

photo credit Holly Kidwell Interiors

Wardrobe & Accessories. It is really easy (and inexpensive!) to add a pop of color to your life with your wardrobe. This moto jacket is amazing - but a little pricey! So why not go for a Radiant Orchid accessory? I have become a big fan of statement necklaces lately, like this green & radiant orchid necklace from Mil*Spec Couture. It is so gorgeous! And the hint of radiant orchid is a perfect subtle addition. I also love a good pair of sunglasses. I found these cute heart shaped ones from Sunglass Warehouse that are lined in {can you guess?!} Radiant Orchid! You could definitely cruise in your cute necklace & sunglasses while you get your radiant orchid on. ;)

photo credit Pinterest
photo credit Mil*Spec Couture
photo credit Sunglass Warehouse

Remodel Your Whole Home. HA HA. Just kidding. You should NOT remodel your whole home around the Pantone Color of the Year. If your bathroom happens to be clad in purple already, then you are super lucky! If not, don't do it! Remember how next year a new color will be chosen - what will you do then? Stick with some of the simpler ways I've told you about. My dad always says, "Less is more!" But this bathroom is kind of intensely cool, so I still had to show it. And I'm not convinced it isn't just a color filter, but still. It's cool. :)

photo credit Pinterest

Sometimes, it's fun to try something new! I definitely SEE Radiant Orchid around more, now that I'm aware and thinking about it. I used to think the whole Pantone Color of the Year thing was kind of lame, but I'm really on board now. It's just a fun way to get to know a new color you might not think about trying before. SO, what do YOU think of the color of the year? Are you a Radiant Orchid fan? Have you made any simple additions to your life that include Radiant Orchid? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know!

NOW ON TO THE FUN PART! I had SO MUCH FUN finding all kinds of Radiant Orchid items that I just HAD to share them with all of you! I contacted the shop owners of these LOVELY items pictured above and they have all agreed to give away their stuff to one of my readers! How amazing are they?! This prize is worth over $100! Definitely my biggest giveaway EVER. I just love being able to bring you fun, free stuff to say THANK YOU for being awesome and hanging out with me here on my blog. The giveaway is simple. Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Each shop has a required entry, plus an extra optional entry. I recommend doing ALL of them, though, to increase your chance of winning. Some shops have also provided my readers with a special promo code to use during the giveaway for a great deal off ANYTHING in their shops, so be sure to check out their shops and use my promo code! All the links are above when you click on the shop's name or the caption of the photos. AND - as if that isn't cool enough - a couple shops have offered EXTRA items, so there is a bonus giveaway below, too. Be sure to visit the shops and thank them for participating in our Pantone Party!

I hope you found some inspiration here. Have fun entering and good luck to you! :)



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  1. Hi Daniela, I always love coming to your blog. I like purple and didn't even know there was a color for the year :)
    Love how you always put so much detail and pictures into all of your posts. Have a great week...... #SITSBlogging love

  2. Hi Daniela...I'm loving they way you made the color purple actually appeal to me..being a black and red kinda gal! I'm sorry that my #SITSBloggingLuv was so late..but I'm following your blog now! I adore the sunglasses for some reason they make me smile! Keep up your amazing style of blogging!

  3. What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  4. I love the color! I think it's a good pick for this year.

  5. I love the iPhone case most of all!

  6. How fun is this! What an interesting and fun color to pick for the year! :) Everything you found in orchid is so pretty and can definitely do some fun things with this color.
    Also.. what does it mean when I fall in love with that photo of the cute stack of pancakes?! bahaha. Must be pregnancy ;)


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