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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy 100 at Put A Bird On It

YAY! A couple days ago, I reached my 100th post here at Put A Bird On It. I almost didn't write anything special because of this... but I just couldn't let that lovely number pass me by without stopping and reflecting. It's like a birthday ... you kind of get a chance to pause and think about the past and everything that has brought you to this point. I thought a little commemorative post was in order, so that's what you get. Since I have new followers since starting at post number 1, I thought you might like to get to know a little about me ... the girl behind Put A Bird On It. It might get a little wordy, but hey, that's just "me" - I like to write! So thanks for being here on my blog and experiencing this crazy beautiful life with me.

I'm married to that guy.

And momma to this girl.

{here's where it gets a little's the only spot, I promise!}

I learned to play the piano when I was 3. I've been playing ever since. Music is my outlet. The one thing that I can always control. When I was growing up, if ever I was sad, I would sit at my piano and play. I would play everything away. Music is my life. I grew up in Springville, Utah. We had season tickets to all the BYU basketball & football games, which means I will bleed blue until the day I die. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My parents divorced when I was 13...or 14...I don't really know...don't we all kind of block that stuff out? {enter: major music zone, haha} I grew up with my dad and sister and that's where most of my memories are. My dad and I would play music duets (him on trumpet, me on piano) almost every night. My sister and I, every Thursday night, would order pizza & breadsticks and watch the new episode of Friends ... watching for my dad to come home, so we could hurry and change the channel before he saw what we were watching {yep - I grew up with satellite TV but all the channels were blocked except Disney - and I loved it!}. I love DISNEY everything. I can quote the movies like nobody's business. I own all the Disney Sing-A-Long videos. My life dream is to go to Disneyland. Every. Year. I home schooled from junior high until my junior year of high school. I joined choir and was in the school musicals - that saved me. Again - music. I graduated in 2006 and entered a music program at Utah Valley University {UV High, baby!}. I met two of my very best friends there through the music program ... one of which, on a Tuesday night, introduced me to a very cool dude that would one day become my baby daddy. Music has been a key part of every good thing in my life. I married the coolest dude I'd ever met on March 8, 2008, in the Salt Lake City Temple, for time and all eternity. We bought a little yellow house in west SLC. Two months after moving in, our basement flooded, and that began the 5-year renovation of our home. We've made our house into a home and it is 100% US. A few crazy beautiful years later {and I mean crazy beautiful years}, and it was time to grow the fam. On December 10, 2012, Ava Noelle was born. Joy that can't be described or spoken was felt that day. We've just been kicking it in our home ever since. My mom and I have really become close since I've had Ava. I love seeing their relationship and getting to know my mom better, too. Every get together we have to cry at least once {but at least we get it out of the way at the beginning, right, Mutti?!} I love being a wife and a momma. Both have brought the hardest moments in my life - but, more importantly, both have proud the most pure joy I have ever known. Speaking of pure joy, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {aka "I'm a Mormon"}. I have hope and faith in so many things, many of which you can learn more about by visiting LDS.ORG <<<

I have been blogging for a couple years now. I started my blog as a way to journal my crafty adventures. It really took off when the Maternity Countdown Shirt I made for myself during my pregnancy went viral on Pinterest! You know that really wholesome TV show {i hope you read my sarcasm there} on MTV about Teen Moms? Well, they featured my shirt on their Facebook page. My sister called me freaking out all excited and, I have to admit, I felt pretty cool that day. Apparently the countdown shirt thing is really popular amongst teen moms, ha ha. I really started trying to grow my blog in August 2013; and, here I am, plugging away. I have had some amazing experiences just through blogging. 

A few of my faves:

I've met some of the BEST people, too. I can't even name all the amazing bloggers I've met, but you know who you are! Although we haven't (all) met in real life, I love my bloggy friendships. :) AND, I have some really exciting things starting this year. I feel so blessed and happy with where my life is at right now! You never know where you're going to end up - so enjoy the journey.

Ok. So there aren't 20 questions. But I did ask on Facebook what you'd like to know about me, so I'll answer those questions here!

What made you start your blog?

Well, I answered that a little above, but it was really just a way to document any crafts I made. A little creative outlet. Just for me! Then, I realized I love blogging and crafting and wanted to expand into blogging about other parts of my life ... like how I am a terrible cook, but trying to learn, and my new found love of design, and of course all things baby Ava! I love blogging so so so much. It really helped me get out of a crazy funk I was in a few months post partum. Now, I couldn't stop blogging if I tried!

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book has always been The Princess Bride. It was the most clever and witty book I ever read in high school, and I still love it! Harry Potter and Hunger Games come next {but not book 3 of Hunger Games - it was written too much like a movie script! boo}.

What is your favorite "adult" drink?

Hmmmm, well, I don't drink alcohol, so a dirty diet coke {Mormon Style} is as "adult" as I get, ha ha. I am completely in love with pina coladas, though. They are my most favorite drink. Ever.

What is your favorite movie?

AHHH! This is such a hard question. It's like: who do you love more, your mom or your dad? That question is impossible to answer! I have several that are my go-to movies. My husband and I love trilogies and go through them every year:  Dark Knight, Bourne, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars {ok, that one's a six-ogy}, and all the Mission Impossibles. Any Leonardo Dicaprio movie is amaze in my book {have you seen Blood Diamond?! So good!}. Favorite comedy: Zoolander! I can quote it from beginning to end {or did you think I was too stupid to know what a eugoogily was?}. Favorite chick flick: yes, I'll admit it, I love Jennifer Lopez! Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner - love them all. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is up there, too. I kind of love movies, if you can't tell.

If you want to know more fun trivia, you can view my Q&A from when I was nominated for The Liebster Award << 

Here are some of my favorite projects I've done. Just a taste of how I Put A Bird On It.

DIY Baby Wonka Bar Costume

DIY Glitter & Gold Heart Sleeves

{No Cut!} Father's Day Tie Wreath

West Elm Inspired Sharpie Mugs

DIY Hello Shirt

Hot Cocoa Bar for Ava's First Birthday Party

2014 New Year's Resolutions List


Well, you've reached the end of my Happy 100 post. If you made it this far, you rock! Thanks for supporting me and reading my blog. At Build Your Blog Conference, I learned that you never know who is being touched by something they read on your blog. I had moments at BYBC where people I look up to were excited to see ME and people that knew who I was because they follow me on Instagram. I'm not bragging - trust me - it was just the craziest most surreal moment and each one added fuel to my fire to keep doing this crazy beautiful blogging thing. There are hard times. There are down times. There are doubtful times. But there are also fun times. There are learning times. There are happy times. There are kick butt amaze times. Plus, it helps that I have a super supportive husband that lets me show him everything I bought at Michaels that day and explain each project its for, takes photos of me pretending to be a fashion blogger, doesn't tell me the glowing light from my Mac is annoying in bed at 1am, and really is just super supportive in my little adventure. 

But I couldn't do it without YOU. Your LIKES, your shares, your comments {I read every single one and still get nerdily excited every time someone comments!}, just all of it. I love it all. Thanks for putting birds on things with me. :) {ha - I don't think I've ever actually put a bird on anything! hmmm...I've got some work to do...!}

Here's to the last 100 posts and the hope of 100 more from this gal.



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  1. I love that you dedicated a 100th post! I think its so cool that you where the one that came up with that maternity shirt, I pinned that to one of my boards a LONG time ago!! And our babies are only 11 days apart!! Happy 100th post! :)

    Amanda // Happily Ever After

  2. Happy 100th post. Congrats! I love reading these types of blogs. #SITSblogging

  3. You pinned it?! Ha ha, thanks for pinning it!! Our kiddos are really close in age! Is yours as busy as mine is? Seriously - she is into everything! Loves exploring. Super snuggly at night, though, which I love! Have a great week, Amanda! xo

  4. Thanks, Crystal!! Glad you like my blog - that means a lot. :) xo

  5. Oh girl, I am just in love with you and loved reading this post! So proud of you.
    And I was browsing the different links you posted...that Wonka Bar costume is just so hilarious and too creative! And I got some inspiration from her birthday cocoa bar for a gift basket I think I need to do! I loved reading The Princess Bride, probably almost the same as I love watching it, and the fact you're a Disney fanatic just convinces me we'd be BFFs. Move to California! Seriously!
    Congratulations again on 100 ;) You're doing a fantastic job, you're the biggest sweetheart, and I'm so glad we met through here!

  6. Daniela CONGRATS on hitting 100 posts! What an accomplishment! I am excited to see so many awesome things from your blog! xoxo

  7. Ha ha ok I would move to Cali in a heartbeat! Just need to find my husband a kick butt job in L.A. and we are there. ;) a hot cocoa gift basket sounds really cute. It better include stripey straws! I'm obsessed with them. You are just the nicest and I really really hope we can meet when you are in Utah!!!!!! xo xo

  8. Thanks Whitney! It's fun to hit milestones and think about where you've come from and where you are going. Also - love love loved your To Adorn post. You are my fashion icon right now! xo

  9. I LOVE that you blog. I feel so are a celebrity in my book...and I totally know you! I have to admit, I started reminiscing about all our good times together in High School. It is so fun to see what you have been up to since good 'ole Springville High. You have a beautiful family and you look so happy! Congrats on everything! I can't wait to keep reading your blog!

  10. Estella! Oh my goodness, I follow you on Instagram and totally love your pics. I miss you! Our high school days were pretty sweet. I hope you and Steve are doing well. You are always so beautiful and happy looking, too! Let's keep in touch. :) xo


Thanks for the chat!

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