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Friday, February 28, 2014

DIY Blog How To for Blogger Platform ... Guest Post by Audrey of Miss Audrey Sue

hi girls! i'm dang excited to be over here, guest posting for Daniela today! i was totally stoked when she emailed, asking me to do this. this is my first time "guest-posting"...haha so bare with me, mmk? eeeek! okay, who the heck am i? i'm Audrey, and i blog over at Miss Audrey Sue. no, my middle name is not "Sue". i actually don't have a middle name at all (unless you count my maiden name), but you can read a little more about me here if you want. besides being a mommy to an 19 month-old-crazy-toddler-boy, and a baby girl on the way, i design blogs for the Blogger platform (custom & premade!), and i freaking love it. a lot of topics crossed my mind when thinking on what to write about today, but i kept coming back to a DIY blog design tutorial. something that i consider myself pretty good at, and something that people are always searching for, right? right. i didn't want to just give you a standard "here's how you center your header" or "here's how you change your font" tutorial. i tried to think of something that you don't see a lot, and i finally decided on:

(wow, so yea that was a lengthy title but oh well...)

do you see what i'm talking about?
don't those annoy the heck out of you?! they sure bug me, especially when i see an awesome design, and then scroll to the bottom and find them there. is it just me?! i hope not. let's get rid of those shall we? (it's super easy, i promise) i should also say that this tutorial is for the Simple Template by Josh Peterson.

1. log into your Blogger account and click on "TEMPLATE"

2. then click on "EDIT HTML" (and don't freak out. you totally got this) 

3. you'll then find yourself in your blog's coding (this may seem super intimidating to look at, especially if you haven't ever before, but you'll be alright!). you're going to put your cursor somewhere inside that box and CLICK ONCE. then when you see your cursor blinking on a random line hit "CTRL+F" and a little search box will appear in the top right corner of your coding box.

4. inside that handy little search box, you're going to type: "paging_dot" and hit enter. then those words should appear highlighted in yellow.

5. those yellow highlighted words are actually connected to an image url. so now you are going to highlight and delete that image url. BUT DO NOT DELETE THE PARENTHESIS AROUND THE URL ( )!

6. you can check to see what happened by clicking "PREVIEW TEMPLATE" before saving.

(just remember to hit "SAVE TEMPLATE" after looking to make sure those dots dissapeared!) so that got rid of the dumb dots. woohoo! now let's get rid of those dashed lines no one wants to see.  

1. you're going to do the same thing as before: TEMPLATE>EDIT TEMPLATE>click inside html box and click: CTRL+F to bring up the search box. but this time, you are going to write: "footer-outer" and hit enter. immediately after you will see that highlighted text in the coding.

2. you're NOT going to do anything with the highlighted text this time, but rather, you are going to go one line down and change "$(footer.bevel)" to: "0px".

3. again, you can "PREVIEW TEMPLATE":

4. and then click "SAVE TEMPLATE". that's it. you're done! you did it! and you just made your blog look that much more professional. booya. thanks so much for taking the time to read (and learn something new?)! you can find more of my DIY blog tutorials over here.


Wow - how helpful is that?! I use Blogger and am always looking for great tips to make my blog look better. Thanks, Audrey! Audrey is a seriously fabulous designer. If you need a blog design update, Audrey is your girl! 

Here are some of my fave posts from Miss Audrey Sue:

I hope you all have fun plans for this weekend. Leave your Instagram link in the comments, and I'll follow! We can keep in touch until Monday. Follow me here >> @putabirdonitblog

I'll see you back here first thing tomorrow morning. We've got a special Saturday guest post!

See you on the flip side.


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