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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Go To Outfit from To Adorn

If you go back a couple posts, you will see that I recently reached my 100th post here at Put A Bird On It. One of my favorite parts of blogging for the past 6 months has been getting to know lots of amazing companies and getting to show off their great products to Y-O-U. If you click on the Sponsor tab at the top of my blog, you can quickly see all of the great companies I get to work with. I don't get paid to be affiliated with them - I just get a sample of their product to be able to write an honest review. I never promote anything I don't absolutely LOVE, so you know when you hear me rave about something that it is totally true! :)

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my most favorite daily deals sites: ! You may allow know about them - I've done a couple amazing giveaways with them already. Read through, because there is a link to 10% off!

Who they are. At To Adorn, they feature several deals every day, all at low prices. I love their products, because they are super relevant to my life. Gorgeous handmade accessories, lots of fashion items, home decor like vinyl and pillowcases and cute boutique items. All at a great discount. I also love buying from them, because I know most of the vendors are boutique shops here in the USA.

How it works. Every day, new deals are posted at 12am. Deals only last for 3 days, though, so you need to stay on top of it to be sure you get what you want! I've been that girl that had my eye on a cute item and hesitated and it was gone!

How you can get it on the fun. Head to to view all their deals. I recommend signing up for their newsletter, so you can get an email about their deals. That helps me, so I am the first to know about today's deals. Plus, if you CLICK HERE, you can get 10% off your first purchase!

How I wore it. When I posted about my favorite Top Knots, I had a giant disclaimer that I am NO fashion blogger! I feel silly taking photos of myself ... and try to leave the cute modeling to baby Ava. :) But, I do love showing off things I love, which is best done showing me using the item. So you get some photos of ME here. We took a lot and they all are of me laughing, because my husband just kept saying "do stuff" - which just made me laugh. Also, people kept walking by and watching us. So yeah. This is my last disclaimer on fashion posts, ha ha. I need Whitney to give me some tips! {you can check out her fab fashion blog here >> Polish & Pipsqueaks} These jeggings are my FAVORITE. I wear these jeggings almost every day. I love that they are thick, so nothing shows throw {which means - yes - they can be pants!}. This is my total go to outfit: leggings, tunic, cardi & flats.

tunic & leggings from To Adorn

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  1. You are so cute and totally could be a fashion blogger!! Ha thanks for the shout although I feel as awkward as you do I swear!

  2. Ha ha ohhhh you are too nice, Whitney! If you do feel awkward - you don't show it. :) xo

  3. You didn't look awkward at all!!! Love the outfit! And so glad you said you wear those jeggings so often-I get in such "staple pieces" ruts. I've practically lived in my fleece lined leggings this winter. On the mornings I force myself to wear something else I end up just staring at my closet like a lost child without those things!

  4. that is a super cute outfit! I would wear it all the time!!!

  5. This is super cute! Do you know what specific boutique the tunic came from and if it's still available?? I know it's probably not on Adorn any more... but if I could hunt it down I'd buy it!! Thanks for linking up at All Things Thursday :)

  6. Hi Sarah! The tag on the shirt says "Janette Fashion" - I hope that helps. Take care! xo


Thanks for the chat!

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