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Saturday, March 1, 2014

DIY Home Remedy for Acne ... Guest Post by Lauryn of Ambiguously Me

Hey there, Lovers! Lauryn here from Ambiguously Me.
Daniela is the cutest and asked me to guest post on Put A Bird On It
(psssst- stay tuned for a guest post from her on my blog!)

Well if you are anything like me, this winter is making my skin crazy!
All the dry air and cold is a recipe for disaster.
I of course have tons of face products at home
some of those including moisturizer and my Clarisonic,
but i am always going for more at-home treatments.
Making your own cleansers and masks at home
can be a relief knowing exactly what products are going into the mixture.
pampering your skin doesn't need to be expensive, or scary!
I made a quick go-to chart for 5 easy to do (only 2 steps!) recipes.
Have at em ladies!

Don't forget to moisturize after doing any of these at-home facials.
Many may think that moisturizing will cause more oil, leading to more acne.

However, I will tell you first hand, that it is the opposite!
If you skip the moisture, your skin will "make it's own"
aka create more oil
aka create more nasty bumps.
So save yourself the trouble!
& why not make sure it is an SPF moisturizer?
BAM, two killer steps in one.

Thanks for listening to my skin rant! 
If you are interested in anymore of my skin recipes visit here or here.
(round of applause for Daniela for letting me come talk on my soap box on her blog!)



A big thank you to Lauryn for sharing some skin care tips with us. Winter is brutal on my skin, too. I always to try to go as natural as I can when it comes to taking care of my skin. Thanks again for these great tips, Lauryn! You can get more DIY recipes and hang out with Lauryn over at Ambiguously Me.

Here are so of my fave posts from there:

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We are visiting family. I love family get togethers so so much! Those were my favorite memories growing up - family get togethers - so doing that now with my own little family makes me super happy.

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  1. Im going to have to pin this post. I have three teens/tweens who Im sure Im join to have to deal with acne with in a very short period of time, and I hate to think that I would have to use harsh chemicals on their little faces!


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