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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Help Your Hair Grow Fast ... Guest Post by Mikell of Love & Such

Hey ladies! I'm Mikell from Love & Such & I'm super excited about the opportunity I have to blog over here for Daniela today!
 A little bit about me- I'm currently working full time as an Event Coordinator and I'm going to school at night to get my Masters Esthetics's License {about 2 more months left!}
I'm married to Spencer & we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary this month! We have a little bunny who's my first baby {his name is Winston} Winston thinks he's a puppy.. You can often find him following me around the house, chasing, giving kisses, or begging for treats!

The next little addition to our family is due in JULY! We are expecting our first baby! I am almost 23 weeks pregnant & we could not be more excited to have a little boy!

I love blogging about really anything- Travels, Celebrity Gossip, Outfits, you name it! Today I've decided to write about how to get your hair to grow fast! I've had lots of people asking me about that lately. And while the prenatals help, there's lots you can do to encourage healthy hair growth!

Here is a picture of my Hair Growth in just 4 months!
{to be fair I picked pictures from BEFORE I was pregnant because those hormones can help too. This will explain the bangs and the dark hair!}

Here are my top 6 Hair Growth Tips!

Get trims on the Regular! I always thought this was stupid growing up- seems a little weird to cut your hair to get it to grow? TRUTH! Getting rid of those damaged split ends so hair can grow longer easier!

ALWAYS use a Heat Protectant Spray! Heat is so damaging on your hair, that the extra protection will give it just enough enough protection to get the job done. A Heat Protectant Spray that I particularly love is TRESemme's Styling Aid Thermal Creations. You can find it at your local beauty supply store for about $3.99 VS Chi Heat Protectant Spray for around $14.00. TOTAL Money saver & it works just as well!

ALSO spritz a little bit of this on when you're headed to outdoors!
Pools, BBQs, Hiking.. etc..

Nourish your hair! This includes Hot Oil Treatments (you can buy them at your local beauty supply store for about $1.50 each!) You can do those every other week if needed!

This also includes buying shampoo that isn't going to dry out your hair! I'm a total product junkie, but I cannot justify spending insane amounts on shampoo/conditioner. I've found some from Herbal Essences that I've really liked- it's the NAKED Collection!

The Naked Collection is great because it has ZERO added colors, ZERO heavy residues & ZERO Parabens! They have three different Naked Collections: One for Moisture, one for Volume and one for Shine!

Use a low-heat setting on your blow dryer & styling tools!
This video!! Enough Said!

Start taking a Biotin Supplement! I started taking a supplement called Hair, Skin & Nails which I thought was amazing. My sister and mom saw my hair growing like a weed and they both bought some too. You can get this at a health food store, your local Walgreens, or even at Costco! You take three pills a day and they're totally worth it.
If you don't like the idea of taking 3 pills a day, start taking Prenatals! I started taking prenatal vitamins to grow out my hair LONG before we had talked about starting a family!

For added shine use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse in the shower with cool water. I was soo hesitant to try this because I didn't want to walk around afterwards smelling like vinegar. I promise your hair won't smell afterwards! I fill up a large kitchen glass full of pure Apple Cider Vinegar and take it to the shower with me. After washing my hair I'll turn the water a little cooler, and slowly pour the vinegar all over my hair. Let it sit for a minute & rinse with the cool water! Your hair will be SO SHINY!

{my grandma wasn't joking when she said Vinegar is good for everything!}

I'm sure there are a million things you could do to get your hair to grow fast! These are just some of the things that have worked well for me! If you try any of these & they're new to you, stop by my blog and let me know how you like them!
A Special thanks to Daniela for letting me Guest Post today!



Thanks, Mikell! I need all these great tips. When I was pregnant with Ava, I was taking prenatals, too, and my hair was so thick and luscious and amazing. Now - it is the total opposite! I'm definitely eager to try some of these out. You guys can catch more from Mikell on her blog, Love & Such. Go tell her HI!

I love having amazing bloggers guest post here at Put A Bird On It. It's one of my fave parts of blogging - introducing you all to other blogs I love! This weekend is special, because tomorrow is ANOTHER GUEST POST from an amazing lady I met at Build Your Blog Conference this year. We are blog swapping tomorrow, so after you check in here to read her post, you can click over to her blog and read my post! I'll be waiting to hang out with you in my pj's with a bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. I can't believe that your hair can grow that much in four months! I am definitely going to be following your tips! You're a pro at growing that hair!

  2. Aren't those tips great? Thanks for stopping by! xo


Thanks for the chat!

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