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Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Married Life, Is the Good Life ... Guest Post by Jorden of Showered in Sequins

On January 4th, 2014, I was married to my best friend for all time and eternity. It was the best day of my life so far for so many reasons. I learned a lot that day and on my honeymoon about marriage. I dated Evan for 1 year before we got married, and I have known him for 4. How could we possibly have more to learn about each other or from a marriage? I mean, we were basically just moving in together. Well, for the last 2 weeks I have thought about how some of my expectations for marriage were unrealistic and how some things have exceeded those expectations. I decided all in all, that married life, is the good life. These are my top 5 reasons why. :)

1. Your Life Long Partner
One of my favorite things about being married is that I have the security of someone who will always be there. I love knowing that when I come home, there is someone waiting for me. It brings so much joy to my soul knowing we will create a world all our own. I am no longer without a partner in my journey here on earth. It's a great feeling.

2 You Become Better
I have noticed that marriage and a relationship in general demands time, respect, love, compassion, patience, and selflessness. These are all attributes that I have strived for always, being married so far allows me to really put them to work and reap the benefits. If you work hard and are mindful, a marriage relationship can and will make you a better person.

3. Sex
Sexy time all the time. Yay! Haha, really though, it is a great thing about being married. Sharing my most intimate part of me to my husband. With respond and love, this is an amazing and exciting part of our relationship.

4. No More Blind Dates
YIPEEEE!! I love this part. It's always fun to date and be asked out, but it starts to get really annoying and old after a while when no one interesting is coming your way. The cool thing I've noticed about marriage is that Evan and I get to date each other for the rest of our lives. Date nights will happen and we'll do all we can to keep that young spunky part of our relationship alive.

5. A Best Friend Forever
Well, I hope that he never leaves me or I never leave him. BUT on my honeymoon I had a realization that I get to have my best friend, who knows me better than most, to be with me always. He gets to soften my sorrows, celebrate with me during happy times, laugh with me, cry with me and do all things in life with me. It's a great feeling. I feel so lucky to not only have my husband, but to have the opportunity to be married as well.


Thanks, Jorden for those thoughts on marriage! This March will be my sixth wedding anniversary and this post made me remember how I felt those first couple weeks of being married. It is bliss! My husband and I are closer today than we were six years ago, and I'm so grateful for everything we've gone through that has brought us to where we are now.

You can visit Jorden's blog, Showered in Sequins, for more great thoughts from this newlywed. I highly recommend following Jorden on IG. Her taste in fashion and design is inspirational!

Be sure to check back in next week, because lots of exciting things are happening at Put A Bird On It! Valentine's Day printables and a HUGE GIVEAWAY are headed this way.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. It's always refreshing to read something positive about marriage. I agree with all the reasons stated above. When I'm caught in an argument with my husband, I just think of the things and reasons that convinced me to marry him in the first place. :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. There is a lot of negativity surrounding marriage, so I loved Jorden's newlywed take. We should always try to keep that honeymoon phase alive in marriage. Thanks for saying hi! xo


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