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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 10 Hospital Bag Must Haves

Hi everyone! I had the pleasure of guest posting at MaMade Diaries, where I shared this list of my Top 10 Hospital Bag Must Haves. I now get to share this post with my amazing readers! I hope you enjoy my list. Leave me a comment and let me know what went {or is going in} YOUR hospital bag! xo


I had my first baby one year ago. I was very nervous for my delivery day! I had no idea what to expect -- despite reading over and over What to Expect When You're Expecting. I still felt kind of helpless going into the "unknown" of delivery day. My only way to feel like I had any control over that day was to MAKE LISTS. I am a total LIST girl. Having a list of what I needed to pack for the hospital helped me feel prepared for the big day. And I use the word 'needed' very loosely. I may have gone a little overboard on packing for the hospital. I probably looked like I should be going on vacation for a week instead of going to deliver a baby; but, hey, it was my first time, and I wanted to be ready! With the next baby, I definitely will know what items are my MUST HAVES for the hospital bag. I have made a LIST (of course!) of my Top 10 hospital bag must haves to share with you! I hope this helps you soon-to-be-mommas feel ready for the best day of your life.

1. Newborn Outfit
No need to get baby all dolled up at the hospital, but you will want an outfit to bring baby home in. My baby mainly wore a cut off onesie in the hospital (to protect the umbilical cord); but, for the car ride home, you will need an outfit with legs! Otherwise, baby can't be strapped into the car seat. I recommend one with a zipper instead of buttons -- much more convenient!

2. Comfy PJ's
I stopped at Target and picked up a couple cute and comfy pajama sets for myself, and I'm SO very glad I did! Right after delivering baby, of course you are just wearing your hospital gown; but, after a day in the gown, I was ready to put on something a little more normal. Buy a big size, because you won't be anywhere NEAR your "normal" size immediately (unless you are super super super super super lucky, but sorry you probably won't!). I also had a button up top set, which was nice for nursing. I wore these to go home in, too, and didn't even look at a pair of jeans for probably a month!

3. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Kind of self explanatory. I wouldn't want to subject my cute little newborn to morning breath! :)

4. Movie
This one is completely subjective to the type of delivery you are having. I was induced and had an epidural, so there was a period of waiting. My husband and I both fell asleep watching Dark Knight (although we only made it about 30 minutes in before baby was ready to come!). Check with your hospital/birthing center to see if there is a DVD player in your room. After an hour and a half of pitocin-induced contractions (pre-epidural!), I was super happy to have something to get my mind off everything.

5. Slipper Socks
I'm a sucker for a cute pair of socks, so these were a must have for me. I didn't do much walking around at the hospital, but just to get up to change the baby or go to the bathroom and I was grateful to have these no-slip socks to walk around in. Throw them in the wash when you get home and they are good as new!

6. Baby Blanket
The hospital will have blankets for you to swaddle your baby in, but I brought one anyway. The hospital ones are kind of small, and I wanted something special for my baby. Plus, I delivered in the winter (in Utah!), so I needed a warm blanket for the car ride home. The adorable one pictured is from Wren and Rumor -- I love their stylish baby blankets!

7. Nursing Tank
I totally preferred nursing tanks over a nursing bra. It was just way easier to wear a tank as a shirt under my pj's or robe, rather than worry about a bra! Personal preference here, but I know lots of women that agree. Target has cute ones for less than $20!

8. Hair Ties
Whether your hair is short or long, you will definitely not want it in your face during labor! I recommend hair ties, bobby pins and headbands. I didn't shower while at the hospital, so by day 2, I needed something to tie my hair up with. But who is to say you can't look fashionable while pushing out that baby? I love these "Ampersand collection" hair ties from Mane Message. There are so many adorable choices on that site!

9. Speakers
My husband and I are total music lovers. We create playlists for everything! on Saturdays...there is always music playing. Naturally, we had a Baby Birth Day playlist ready for the big day. We brought a portable iHome with us, and I will always bring one for future babies! One of my favorite memories in the hospital is of us in our room, holding our sweet new one, listening to Norah Jones. It created the perfect atmosphere for lovin' on our little one.

10. Lip Balm
This little baby was a total lifesaver while I was in the hospital. It is a small thing, but chapped lips are NO fun for anyone -- especially after giving birth. If you are nursing, it is easy to get dehydrated, so it's important to drink lots of water, which I tried to do, but my lips got chapped more easily. I loved this C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve from Bath & Body Works.

Honorable Mentions
I polled my momma friends on Facebook and here are some of their "real mom" hospital bag must haves!

"Toothbrush and toothpaste." - Tracy
"Baby nail clippers because hospitals won't give you any. Slippers, music, pictures of family if you know they aren't there but you want them to be. iPad or laptop." - Chrissy
"Slippers and sweats," - Dresden
"Comfy pajama bottoms! Every baby I had my mom always made sure to buy me lots of pajama bottoms and sounds crazy but after everything your nether regions go through you really do need them," - Santanna
"iPad to play pandora, my pillow, stadium blanket and mixed nuts." - Kim
"Hair ties, hair spray and headbands." - Brandy
"A really comfortable pair of yoga pants, lanolin, comfy socks, hairbands, and a nightgown that is awesome for nursing and cute too." - Nikki

I hope you found some help for preparing your hospital bag! You will never forget that special day. It is such an important day for you and your baby, so don't feel bad pampering yourself and being prepared -- even if you are over prepared like I was. 



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  1. Replies
    1. You are so welcome! Feel free to follow my blog {check the left sidebar!} to stay up to date on more helpful tips. Have a great day! xo

  2. Pinning this! Thanks for sharing on The Jenny Evolution's Friday Flash Blog linky party. Have a fabulous weekend :-)

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  3. Thanks for pinning! You are awesome. :) xo

  4. These are great reminders, things can get so hectic and you don't want to be without any of these. Thank you so much for linking up at Countdown in Style!

  5. I remembered everything babe & I needed except one of the most important things!!! The car seat/carrier! We were already to go and the discharge nurses inspected the car seat. OOPS. lol. Poor hubs had to make the 30 min trip home for it. When #2 & #3 came, I had the seat in the trunk months ahead of time.

  6. Thanks! It can get crazy before, so hopefully this list helps! xo

  7. HA HA oh no! You forgot the car seat! I seriously worried about forgetting ANYTHING! Luckily, though, your husbands could go and get it and they didn't deem you bad parents and keep your baby. :) I remember asking my nurse if she would double check that I had the seatbelt in the car seat correctly placed around my baby, and she said she couldn't do it for me, because they couldn't be liable! I'm glad they are safe though and require all these things. Thanks for sharing your story! xo


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