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Friday, May 23, 2014

Super Easy Oreo Balls Recipe .. Guest Post by Mary of Eat Drink & Be Mary

Hey y'all. I'm so excited to be taking over for Daniela today.  I'm Mary the girl behind the blog Eat Drink & Be Mary.  The place where I share the "looks" that have shaped my life, how I struggle with patience, and of course recipes I have tried and LOVE.  But enough about me, and more about what I'm super excited to share with y'all today.

Have you ever been told to bring a dessert to a party but didn't know what to bring?  Are you in love with party foods that are portion-sized and don't need any utensils or plates?  Do you love no-bake recipes?  Then I'm your girl, and I've got the recipe for you. 

Super EASY, No-Bake Oreo Balls.  A recipe with three ingredients, no baking, & you end up with the YUMMIEST, bite sized party food your friends are family will love.  Seriously these are addicting, I dare you to eat one and NOT stuff your face with two or ten three more.  

ONLY three ingredients?  I promise it's not to good to be true.  Oreos.  Cream Cheese.  and Melting Chocolate -- I prefer Candiquik.  I just LOVE recipes with very few ingredients.

No-Bake.  As if this recipe couldn't get any better you DON'T have to bake it.  You just mix up the crushed Oreos and the softened cream cheese.  Chill the mixture once you've rolled it into balls.  And then dip it into the melted chocolate.  Wham bam thank you ma'am.  You've just made THE easiest dessert that is perfect to take to any party, work function, or just because you are craving chocolate.  

And because I love you all here's a FREE printable recipe card | download here

Well that's it folks.   I hope you enjoyed this SUPER EASY recipe.  
I'd love for you to all visit me over at my blog; stop by and say hi.


Thanks, Mary! Oh my heck, those seriously look AMAZING. Yeah - there is definitely no way I could make them and not eat about 10. You will love Mary's adorable blog. Be sure to follow her for more delicious inspiration! Here are some of my favorite posts from Eat Drink & Be Mary:

Do you have any amazing plans for Memorial Day weekend? Or maybe a favorite recipe? I'll definitely be scanning Pinterest for last minute Memorial Day crafts & recipes. You can follow me HERE. My little family has been living with my dad while we are house hunting, so we've decided to go somewhere for the weekend to get some "just us" family time in. My husband's been traveling for work a lot the past month, so we have some much need family R&R coming our way. I want to stay at a hotel with a pool, so Ava can go swimming! I hope she loves the water this year as much as she did last year, but she was only 7 months the last time she went swimming...OK OK...I'm really just excited, because I bought her new swimsuits at Target months ago, just waiting for summer, so I can put her in them! Ha ha. Yep. Little girl clothes are sooooo cute - sometimes I just can't resist. :)

We will probably stay in Park City, Utah - so if you have any fave restaurants or hotel suggestions - we are super last minute planning here, so let me know! We will probably just eat food, relax in the hotel, find a LDS church in PC on Sunday to attend Sacrament Meeting, and then on Memorial Day go on a hike in Heber or Park City. There are so many beautiful places in Utah, once things settle down with our house adventures, we definitely want to get out in the world and discover them all!

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  1. Thanks for having me Daniela, these Oreo Balls are definitely one of my faves and go-tos to make for any occasion. I agree 100% that little girls are the cutest! Those bathing suits are perfect for this weekend!

  2. Oreo balls are my favorite! They taste sooooo good. Yours look so pretty!

  3. These Oreo balls are so cute and look utterly delicious!

  4. Katerina they are so so cute! You should definitely try them out :)

  5. Aren't they the best? It's so easy to eat so many of them before you even realize it! Thanks:)


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