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Friday, July 13, 2012

Burlap Wreath

Burlap.  So hot right now. 

It really is!  I love me some burlap.  Following this fantastic tutorial at Top This Top That [] I created my own burlap wreath.  I kept it super simple for spring, only using some white tulips and my fave polka dot wired ribbon. 

I have been itching to turn it into a SUMMER wreath, since spring is pretty much over (ok, completely over).  To get the creative juices flowing, I turned to the husband for advice on what to use to make it summery.  I asked him what came to his mind when he heard the word SUMMER.  His reply?  "Raging Waters!"  "You could put a wave and waterslides on it..."  Ummmm...yeah...creative juices flowing?  Not quite.  I have yet to have the lightbulb go off for the summer wreath, but this 100+ degree weather is telling me it's time to change seasons.

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