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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Etched Baking Dish

Our very good friends built a new home in Logan!  We were able to have a get together at their AMAZING new house.  We loved everything they chose and were so happy to see their little family get a place of their very own.  I decided to get them a housewarming gift to celebrate (since I'm trying to be a better person/wife/friend/crafter/girl).  I've heard tall tales of a product called "etching creme" and always thought it would be fun to test out.  I decided to attempt an etched baking dish.  I read a few different blogs, and they all seemed to the say the same thing.  It seemed pretty easy.  And guess what??  It was!  All I needed was the etching creme, foam brush, baking dish, and a stencil cut from my fabulous Silhouette.

 The baking dish had the annoying STICKER on it.  Thank goodness for the magic of nail polish remover for helping me get it off with ease.

Stencils!  I decided to do their last name and a "flourish" on the other side.  I used stencil vinyl, but you can use any vinyl, really, to create a stencil.  Just peel the letters out to leave the negative space.

I think I have a black card I bought specifically for transferring the vinyl to transfer paper, but I couldn't find it.  Glad to know my Kohls card is good for something these days...!

This is the etching creme.  It comes in this teeny bottle with a not so teeny price tag.  It does go a long way, though.  I put on a LOT.  It says on the bottle to be careful you don't get any on your hands.  Apparently it can etch (aka BURN) your fingers off!  That's how it works it's magic on the glass.  I was sure not to test this burning theory out...I'll just assume they are right.

I used a small foam brush and left it on for a couple minutes.  The instructions say leave on for 60 seconds, but I think it depends on how "dark" you want the etching to be.  After, just rinse it off with water.  Again, super easy!
It really helps if you have a talented, cute boy to serenade you during those 60 seconds
(boy & guitar not included!)

The finished product!
It turned out pretty good, I think.

Hannah really liked it, and sent me a picture the other day of her using it for the first time.

I think I might have to make one for myself now!

A few different ideas to use etching creme for:

Cute-imize a trifle dish

Monogram coasters

Polka dots!!

I have a friend that got a baking dish set with her wedding date & name etched on it.  She still uses it, and it was one of her favorite gifts.

So excited about etching creme, my new crafting friend.

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