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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make the Most of Conference ~free printable~

You may know this weekend is General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! If not, you can go HERE {} to find out more about this fantastic weekend, where people all over the world get together at the conference center, stake centers, ward buildings, and their homes to listen to a prophet's voice. It truly is a weekend just meant to inspire, to uplift, to lighten the load, and to give hope! Well, it's not just for adults -- it's for kids, too. And as hard of a time as I have sitting still during conference (yes, I admit to being a phone troll during a talk or two), it is even harder to get kids to get excited and interested in remembering conference weekend.  My husband and I teach a youth Sunday School class for our church, the kids are ages 12-14. I wanted them to remember conference weekend! So I found this cute handout reminding the kids to Make the Most of conference. I found the phrasing online, but created my own, simple version of the handout in cute fall colors. I attached it to packets of M&M's, used some cute ocean blue ribbon to tie it together, and delivered it to our Sunday School kids the day before conference -- to remind them to watch! I hope this small gesture helped them tune in to a talk or two -- because you never know when you are going to hear something that just might lift your spirits or make your day a little easier.

As always, here are your links to download!!!!!

Wouldn't the M&M's be perfect to then use for Conference Bingo?!?!

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