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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You've Been Booed {2013} free printable

Last year, I created a free printable for the fun neighbor "You've Been Booed" tradition. I didn't actually deliver them to anyone, though! I even made choco covered halloween Oreos and had them all in their bags with signs ready to go -- but kept forgetting to take them and then HALLOWEEN CAME AND WENT with my bags sitting by my front door. SAD!!! I couldn't be lame two years in a row, so I decided to actually deliver the treats this time! I wanted to make a new printable, just to start a tradition of making a new one every year. This time, I tried to play off the popular CHALKBOARD theme I'm seeing all over Pinterest. I made a door hanger BOO sign as an alternative to a sign you put up in your window. It was fun coming up with a design. I'm still so new at this! But I have fun, make mistakes, never think it's cute enough, change it a million times, then just STOP at some random point and print it out, because I'm tired of editing it! I also made up my own Candy Corn Cocoa mix {blog post coming soon!}.

Here are your download links. Happy Halloween!

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