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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Magic "Reindeer Food" Tradition

**Just hear those sleigh bells jingling ring ting ting a ling too...**

Oooooh, aren't you just SO excited for Christmas?!?! I know, I know. There are still some Scrooges out there that aren't on the Christmas sleigh yet -- but we'll get them. Oh, we'll get them.

If you are kind of bah-humbug, maybe this idea will help get you in the mood for some jolly holiday-ing.

Every year, my family has a tradition of putting "reindeer food" on the lawn on Christmas Eve, so Santa's reindeer know where your house is! It is really fun if you have small kids; but, even if it's just YOU, this is a fun tradition to start. I, at the age of 25, still love feeding the reindeer! We all have a little Christmas Magic inside us. You could even give these as classmate gifts, teacher gifts, church/Primary gifts, etc.

The reindeer food is a mixture of oats and glitter. Each person gets a bag of reindeer food, goes outside, and you read the poem while sprinkling reindeer food over your lawn! I've even been known to say, "Santa FIND ME! Santa FIND ME!" {hashtag I'm 25}.

*NOTE: You don't eat the reindeer food!!! It is full of glitter, after all. It is for sprinkling on your lawn on Christmas Eve for "Santa's reindeer to find our house!" It sparkles in the snow {or lawn!}. If you are concerned about the glitter -- you could use red & green sprinkles.**

Here is what you need:

For the Reindeer Food
Glitter {green, red, christmas tree sprinkles -- whatever you'd like}

That's it! Mix together!

For the packaging
Cellophane bags
Ribbon & other embellishments
Christmas Magic poem

Scoop your reindeer food into your bag. You could use a cute jar, if you like. OR, I think a mini plastic ziploc bag works perfect for small kids to hold. Add your ribbon/embellishments and reindeer poem.

Seriously -- how easy is that?! It's a perfect project for kids to help make. Put on your favorite Christmas Pandora station {might I recommend Michael Buble?!}, drink some hot cocoa and the whole family has a fun night IN.

My family had a VERY fun night IN making reindeer food. My mom, sister and her kids all got together to make ornaments for the Ornament Club my sister is a part of. Plenty of Bing Crosby {or is it Bing Christmas?!}, yummy treats and tons of SILLY were all present that night. I have some good blackmail photos too {mwah ha!}. My sister turned her reindeer food into {20!} ornaments for the Ornament Club she is a part of. She put the reindeer food in a square glass votive jar, then put that in the cellophane bag. My favorite part was that I got to teach my mom, sister and niece how to use VINYL!! I cut out a silver vinyl 'Christmas Magic' to go on each of the glass jars. It was sooo fun to show my family how awesome the Silhouette Cameo is and just one of the many things you can make with it. My mom was the crafting queen!! Or as we call her -- the Krazy Krafting Kraut! She may say she can't craft -- but I have the photos to prove otherwise! It was really easy and fun, and I promise you will all have a blast making your reindeer food {especially if someone awesome and cool puts Skittles up her nose!}.

I hope you found a little Christmas Magic in this family tradition!

 {Are you interested in the Studio File for my 'Christmas Magic' vinyl? Leave a comment with your email, and I'll send you a link to the file! Muah!}

And don't forget your Christmas Magic Reindeer Food Poem to attach to your bag!!
Click the link below.

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  1. So....just to has glitter in it, so it's not like you can eat it, or even that animals can eat basically you are just throwing stuff on your lawn and then leaving it there? ??? I'm just confused, though I think it's a cute tradition.

    1. Ha ha oops! I forgot to give a big warning that no you DON'T eat it! I'm sorry! It is for Santa's reindeer only, because it is full of glitter. You could use festive colored sprinkles if you're worried about the glitter, maybe?

      Thanks for pointing this out. I'll update my blog post!

      Take care!



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