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Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy October || Fall Family Photos Outfit Inspiration

I am completely in love with FALL. Pretty original, right? Oh, well. I'm on the FALL train with the rest of Instagram. I love it. And I love this quote:

This weekend, my amazing sister is taking family & maternity photos of my little fam. I am really excited, because FALL is finally here {it's been in the 80's up until last weekend!}. The leaves are changing to burnt orange, everything smells of pumpkin, and there's a cool bite to the air. I am 30 weeks along and am excited to document this baby boy bump!

I've been turning to Pinterest for all my fall photo color & fashion inspiration. Here are some pins that inspired the color scheme I chose for our family photos. I am loving these colors for fall 2014. You'll notice that MUSTARD YELLOW is at the heart of my fall color love. It's just yummy and cozy and I love it. If you know where I can get a mustard yellow throw - you'll be my best friend.

And here is my outfit mood board I created for what I plan to have my family wear! I've already changed it in my head a few times - I can't decide juuuuuuuuust how I want our outfits to go - so we will see this weekend what I actually decide on. I've never planned out a photo shoot like this, but it's been fun.

What do you think? Does it scream "FALL" enough? Did I pull from my inspiration photos? I can't decide if the coral cardigan (for Ava) should be mint, instead of coral...and if there should be more pops of color. I'm pulling from that pattern in the bottom left, which is a headband I ordered for Ava from Lemons and Lace. Let me know - I need all the help I can get before Sunday!



More things that are yummy:


  1. Hmm...personally I think coral is more of a Spring/Summer color, so I really love the idea of a mint cardigan on Ava. And maybe a yellow bow or headband in her hair to tie her outfit into yours?

  2. I love all of the colors! I didn't know you were expecting!!! Super congratulations!! I am actually looking for some fall shoes like those gray converse sneaks, but I can't afford $80 for them! (that's what they were on zappos). I love those top knots, too! You have awesome taste!

  3. Thank you! I can't believe I'm less than 10 weeks away from having another baby. It's pretty crazy! We got those Converse for my husband from Kohl's. They were on sale, plus with using my Kohl's card, I got an extra 20% off. I bet you can definitely find them cheaper than $80. Good luck and take care! xo

  4. I totally can't decide if it should be mint or coral! It's so hard. The pattern on the bottom left is the pattern on a headband I bought for Ava to wear. It has the yellow and coral and mint in I was hoping it would tie it all together. I think I'll take the coral cardigan AND the mint cardigan to our photo shoot and see which one looks better on camera. Thanks for the help!! xo

  5. Less than 10 weeks!!! That's so exciting! Oh my, I must go to Kohl's!!! Gosh, I remember how stressful getting outfits together for family pix was! I was so happy when it was over!!

    Thanks for the converse advice!!


Thanks for the chat!

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