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Friday, August 16, 2013

KEEP CALM and TAG ON {glow in the dark shirt & printable}

Sweaty palms. 
Tom Cruise. 

Ok, that last one isn't a part of it. But the rest is describing a wicked awesome night playing laser tag. I can be a 24-year old mother of 1 and still LOVE laser tag right?? Two weeks ago was girls night in my family, and these ladies didn't pick shopping -- or a pedicure -- or drooling over the latest Channing Tatum movie {which I wouldn't do; did anyone else think he put on a few L-B's in the new G.I. Joe??!} -- these ladies chose LASER TAG. Unfortunately, my only part in the evening was showing up in this really, really ridiculously good looking GLOW IN THE DARK LASER TAG SHIRT,because this was the night my poor sweet husband slipped down the stairs while holding our poor sweet baby and she broke her poor sweet leg! So I was whisked away to spend the night in the ER. But I'll always have this picture of me looking the part.

Come on.  You KNOW how badly you want a glow in the dark KEEP CALM and TAG ON shirt.  And you can have one!  All you need are the following:

  • T Shirt {I used a black 3/4 sleeve tee I had in my closet that hadn't been worn in awhile}
  • Glow In the Dark Heat Transfer Material {I used white and bought mine for a steal from Pick Your Plum}
  • Iron
Yep. That's it! You know the drill. Using the amazing Silhouette Cameo, cut your heat transfer in THIS design. Remember your design must be mirrored in order for it to turn out the right way! Then, iron-on following the instructions that came with your vinyl {which is basically just placing the design on the shirt, then using a thin piece of fabric (burp cloth or kitchen towel), hold the iron on the design for 60seconds, then peel away the top plastic part}. It is just so ridiculously easy to make this one-of-a-kind shirt, that you kind of have to do it for your next laser tag girls night. Which, if you don't have a next-laser-tag-girls-night, you should get on that!

I'm sharing the Silhouette Studio file for my design!! Click the link below

If you don't have a Silhouette cutting machine {and you should!}, then here is a file to print a stencil to use with fabric paint & freezer paper. You can still make a fab T shirt!

I also have two FREE PRINTABLES  if you just want the image! This would be fab to use for a laser tag birthday party, your Awesome Quotes board on Pinterest, or even framed and put next to your bed on your nightstand, so you can dream about your next great laser tagging adventure.

**If you make anything inspired by one of my projects, LINK IT UP! I'd love to see and SHARE!**


  1. @The Thriftiness Miss
    I'm so glad you like it! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough -- we are SO having a laser tag party!



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