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Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him ... Guest Post by Danielle of Today's the Best Day

Hey you guys! My name is Danielle and I blog over at Today’s The Best Day. It is SUCH an honor to be here on Daniela’s AMAZING blog… Put A Bird On It! I met Daniela just a few months ago at my very first Blogging Conference, Build Your Blog 2014 and we became IMMEDIATE friends! If you love her blog – you would absolutely LOVE her in person! She is just as fun, creative, kind and beautiful in REAL life! Thanks so much for letting me join you today!

Just a little bit about me – I am a wife to my High School Sweetheart and a mom to a miracle baby girl! My husband and I suffered with infertility for many years before we were blessed with our sweet Laila and she has truly made us the happiest people on earth! On Today’s The Best Day, I share daily deals, things to do, fashion tips and other tricks for our babies and marriages…as we strive to make EVERY day, the BEST day for our families!

My husband, Tyson, and I met when we were 15, started dating when we were 16, were married when we were 21 and have been married now for almost six years! I can honestly say being with him is just the best thing that has ever happened to me! Our marriage isn’t perfect and we both make mistakes, but getting through those challenges and learning from our experiences has made our marriage stronger.

My daughter loves the movie Enchanted. In the movie there is a song called “That’s How You Know.” Have you seen it? It is such a darling movie!! Some of the lyrics are as follows:

It's not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she'll be inclined to say...
"How do I know he loves me?"  
"How do I know he's mine?"

Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey?
He'll find a new way to show you, a little bit everyday
That's how you know, that's how you know!
He's your love...

So, we may know our husbands love us – but do they know that WE, as wives and women, love them?! Today I share with you 10 WAYS TO SHOW YOUR HUSBAND YOU LOVE HIM!

  1. GIVE HIM A HUG AND A KISS – Every time I see my husband, I try to give him a hug and kiss to let him know that I missed him! These men want to know that they are loved and physical affection is the PERFECT way to show them!

  1. SEND HIM A RANDOM TEXT OR CALL – Everyone loves to feel loved and to know that someone is thinking of them! Send him a text just to say, “I love you” or call him just to say, “hi.” He will love hearing your voice and total bonus points for you!

  1. SURPRISE HIM – My husband is SO much better at surprises than I am! In fact, I am horrible at them – I just can’t keep a secret, I get too excited! Surprise him with his favorite meal or take him a little treat to his work.

  1. MAKE TIME FOR HIM – Us women can get SO busy! We have a family to take care of, friends to catch up with, a home to clean, meals to prepare, work to be done and somehow we are STILL supposed to make time for our husbands? YES! Always remember that he should be your PRIORITY! He is your best friend and best friends come first.

  1. TELL HIM YOU THINK HE IS HOTT – Sorry, for the lack of better term. Guys like to know they are good looking and that you are attracted to him! Don’t be afraid to boost his ego and make him feel proud!

  1. ASK HIM WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR HIM – My husband LOVES when I do things for him. Men are SO busy providing for the family – jump into his shoes and see what you can help him with to lighten his load.

  1. SHOW INTEREST IN SOMETHING HE LOVES – This is sometimes a rough one for me, but we can do it, ladies! If he likes those crazy “boy” movies – watch one with him! If he wants to play a video game – join him! If he likes to go to the gym – show interest in getting active too! Find out his passion and join in on the fun. He will LOVE it!

  1. FIND OUT HIS LOVE LANGUAGE – Have you ever read the book or heard of the 5 Love Languages? (If not – you can read a little more about it here Every man wants to be shown love a little differently. Find out if he likes physical touch or acts of service and then play off of that!

  1. HOLD HIS HAND – There is something so special about holding hands. It shows him that you are there for him. It shows him that you need him. Show him that – a man wants to feel like a man and he wants to feel needed by his wife… that is for sure!

  1. SAY I LOVE YOU – Last, but certainly not least, make sure you tell him you love him. Those simple words should be uttered every single day. Never let a day pass by that you don’t tell him that. The best way for him to know that you love him – is to hear it!

Always remember that marriage is a team effort. Just as much as you want him to do a long list of things so you know he loves you – he wants some lovin’ in return. I know that as we work on these ten little steps of love, not only will our husbands know we love them, but our love for them will continue to grow!

Thanks again for letting me stop by! Please come join us over at Today’s The Best Day and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus!

Xoxo Danielle


Thanks, Danielle! I love the positive messages that always come from Danielle's blog. You definitely should check it out!


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  1. This is a great post because we, as women, want to feel love all the time from our husband, but we don't realize that he needs love, too! Our husband should be our first priority, right after God, and before our children. Thank you for sharing a great post! I shared on my Facebook page, too! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I think your link is broken for Instagram because it says 'page not found'.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Brandi! Danielle is a doll and always has something great to say about marriage. Take care! xo

  4. For some reason any Instagram link on a desktop hasn't been working for me. Thanks for the heads up! xo


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