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Friday, April 4, 2014

"If you think you can handle it" - To Adorn Feature

Guess what?! My family has some super exciting news. We are moving!! After 6 years in our newlywed home, its officially up for sale! We are building a new home in a city about 30 minutes south of us - closer to my husband's work, but still close to all the areas we love. It is really really bittersweet. I love the excitement that change brings - that chance to refresh your life and build new memories. I'm definitely ready for more space and *finally* a craft room! It will be really hard to spend one last night in our home, though, and say GOODBYE. We've put everything into this home for six whole years. We haven't sold our house, yet, so until then, I am enjoying everything about our current city and life.

I have some moving tips & related posts I'm prepping to post in the next few weeks. It's seriously been CRAY. Super insane crazy. We just live in limbo between packing and temporarily moving things to my dad's home and constant CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING for house showings and staging. I haven't cooked dinner in over 2 weeks, Chick-Fil-A employees now think we are regulars, Ava has missed too many nap times because of showings to count, and all my craft supplies are boxed up and in the garage. So bare with me if I don't have as many crafty posts here until we get settled in our temporary home before we officially move into our new house. Do you have any moving, packing or home selling advice & tips? Have you done it before? This is my first time selling a home, so I'm all ears for advice, tips and ways to stay sane and patient during this whole process!

Last night, my little fam went for a drive to our new neighborhood, and we decided to eat dinner there to see what's it like. We tried out a sports grill and, luckily, it passed the taste test. I was just excited, because I got to wear my new chevron cardi from To Adorn. I may not have given away all my other cardigans, but seriously, this one is my new NEUTRAL. It's the Buzz Lightyear of cardigans, and all the other toys are intimidated by it's arrival. ;)  It just goes with everything! 

{pardon my fuzzy photos - my camera is packed, so these are from my lovely 3 year old phone!}

I've been really impressed with the quality of everything from To Adorn. Sometimes, with other online boutique shops, I've ordered and the quality isn't good, which makes me think that's why it's so cheap. But not from To Adorn. Everything is awesome and immediately becomes a wardrobe staple {like my leggings I wear every other day!}. I love wearing it with my sequin collar shirt {Target}. You can use code ilovetoadorn for 10% off your order {click HERE}! They have more than just clothing items. Here are some of my fave boutique items {up to 80% off} that are currently available.

Normally when I'm having my husband take photos of me, it looks like this:

Which is me standing there going, "What should I do?" I feel like Ricky Bobby on Talladega Nights - unsure of "what to do with my hands."

But I figured out what I'm supposed to do - spill salad dressing all over myself! Yep. That's exactly what I did during dinner. Not even a bite in my mouth, and I spilled strawberry vinaigrette all down the front of me. Our waitress said, "I'll get you more dressing - if you think you can handle it." At least we got a good laugh out of it!

Come on - can you make strawberry dressing look that good? ;) Ha ha, so yes, this cardigan does go with everything - even your dinner.

Now, the house is crazy again with moving boxes and stuff everywhere that needs to be packed, Ava and I are about to go to Chick-Fil-A {of course}, my to-do list is a mile long, and I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed! But I'm so so grateful to have these two along with me for the ride. That Ava hug you see below is the most special thing that, every day, fills me with the most immense joy. Gosh, I love these two.



  1. i saw your moving announcement on facebook and i smiled big! i know that was a major decision for you guys and i'm so happy for you & your family! it's a big change, but it'll be so exciting! i'm here if you ever want to email/vent when feeling overwhelmed! <3 (though i've never sold a house..and packing usually means throwing everything in the car and making a ridiculous amount of trips back and forth) -_-

    and you are seriously the cutest. the more i read your blog, the more i can't wait til february to finally meet you! you just crack me up! & i am the exact same way when it comes to pictures for my blog, i never know what to do with my flippin hands and i fiddle a ton! i ask my hubby, "should I do this?" and he snaps while I'm talking and/or blinking. yay. and honestly, you look gorgeous as always, even with salad dressing on you! ;) love love your hair!! <3
    love to you mama!

  2. Thanks! I am so excited and so ready to sell our house already!! xo

  3. Yay! It was such a big decision, but it seriously all came together so perfectly - and it's feel RIGHT ever since. :) Thanks for the vent session invite - ha ha - you seriously might be getting one soon. It's so crazy to be moving stuff in and out of my car in a hurry when I have a showing in an hour ... and now we are full on packing everything but the bare minimum to live with, so that's crazy, too. But it's a GOOD problem to have, so I can't complain really.

    I'm excited to meet you! Are you staying with your family in Davis County or at a hotel in SLC? If enough of my bloggy friends are staying downtown, I might do it, too!! And I swoon over YOUR hair - I wish mine was as long and lush as yours. But I've finally found a hairstyle I like - but i'm also getting tempted to lighten it up and chop a little for summer. Decisions decisions!!! Take care friend! xo


Thanks for the chat!

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