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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Contributor Post at Pretty Providence - April

Today is very exciting, friends. Today is my very first contributor post - ever! Not just a guest post, but an actual C-O-N-T-R-I-B-U-T-O-R post, which means I'm a recurring lady on someone else's blog. I'm REALLY excited and kind of nervous at the same time. The blog is Pretty Providence.

I've followed Jessica and Sarah's blog for a while now, and really love it. Their style and tastes are super similar to mine. I've thought about being a contributor on another blog before, and have even been asked to be one, but I've never felt like the timing was right or found that one special blog that really fit ME and MY style. Pretty Providence does that to a 'T' - so when I read they were calling for contributors, I didn't even hesitate to apply. Jessica and Sarah were amazingly nice enough to love my blog and really want me to be a contributor! I'm just so excited to share my love of simple & easy crafts with others. I'll be posting once a month over there as a Fashion DIY contributor, and I'll give you all a reminder the day I do, so you can check out what I have to share!

Today, I am sharing a cheap & easy tutorial for making your own Anchor Tee. I just LOVE mine and wore it to SNAP! {a blog conference here in Salt Lake City}. I even got complimented on it from a huge blogger that I totally {heart}, so it kind of made my day. I hope you'll visit Pretty Providence and check out my first contributor post {there may even be a FREE PRINTABLE for you!}. Have the best day!

DIY Anchor Tee at Pretty Providence


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  1. Dana @ chocolateandsunshine.coApril 26, 2014 at 11:46 AM

    Yay, congratulations on your new Contributor Post. I've never done one before either. I will have to check in with you sometime on this. Just wanted to let you know that I tried to go on IG button at the top of your blog page and it would not link. Error: "Page not Found" came up. Just an fyi. I follow you on your other social media, too, but was just confirming today that I wasn't missing anything. Hope you had fun at SNAP. I'd love to attend next yr. You will have to share what you did in a post. I wrote about a SITS Girls one Day Conf. we had here in St. Louis a couple weeks ago on my blog. I had so much fun. I can't imagine what a few days would be like. Well, yes, I can as I've seen so many pics on Instagram this week-end. Take care. Dana

  2. Yay!! Love you so so so much. Seriously you are the sweetest and we are so excited to have you on the team!

  3. I love love love your blog. I have been a follower for a long time and just love your ideas!

  4. Hey Dana! Thanks for the heads up about my IG button. I don't know what's up with Instagram links on a desktop, but none of them have been working lately. I hope they fix it! I only went to SNAP for one day, but it was fun. It's so expensive - I don't know if I could ever pay to attend an entire blog conf. But I think the classes would be great to attend and maybe network a little? Thanks for the sweet comment. Take care! xo

  5. YAY! Best contributing team ever. :) xo

  6. Thanks, Emily! You are so nice. I'm glad you are hanging out with me here. :) xo

  7. Sarah @ Pretty ProvidenceMay 5, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    Daniela! I don't know if I told you this but the minute I saw the name of your blog I decided we had to have you. Any Portlandia referencer is a friend of mine. Then I saw your amazing posts and it was a no-brainer. BUT wait. You were at SNAP!? How did I not know this?! I'm so sad that I didn't get to meet you in person!

  8. HA HA - I love when people get the Portlandia reference. It's kind of the best show. :) And YES - I was at SNAP - but just the first day. I wish we could have met, to! 'Til next time... xo


Thanks for the chat!

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