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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to Keep the Spark Alive in your Marriage ... Guest Post by Amberly of Life with Amberly and Joe

Hey everyone, I'm Amberly! You will usually find me blogging at Life with Amberly and Joe (where Daniela is today). I love to write about finances in marriage, goals I set to be a better wife, funny moments we have as a couple and everything else marriage. My goal is to inspire other wives to make an effort every day to make their marriage the best it can be. I want everyone to know that marriage doesn't always have to be about grown up responsibilities and big life decisions, you should take time to have fun with your best friend on a daily basis!

Life with Amberly & Joe
For the past few years, I have been pursuing a degree in Family Studies. I have a passion for family and marriage relationships and the things we can do now to prevent problems further down the road. Tradition, quality time and honesty/communication are some of the biggest contributors to healthy and happy relationships in my opinion! This June, my husband and I will celebrate our three year anniversary! In a way, feel like we are still newlyweds but other times I feel like the excitement and newness of our marriage has worn off. Keeping the spark alive is important to me; I don't ever want to feel like my husband and I are just roommates, even though I do feel lazy in my marriage sometimes.

Keep the Spark Alive

Weekly Date Night - Set aside a night every week to spend quality time with your spouse. Whether you go out or do something fun at home, have a plan that's different from your daily routine. Leave your cell phone at home or in your purse for a few hours, and really pay attention to each other. Dress up a little and treat the occasion as something special. It might even start to feel like you're back in the early stages of your relationship. 

Romantic Getaways - Whether it's an entire week or just a night or two, get away from your regular life responsibilities and have fun together! Try out a cute bed and breakfast in your area, and eat at a nice restaurant you normally wouldn't go to. Even just cuddling up in bed to watch a movie, or relaxing in the hot tub can be nice. You'll be amazed how much the time together will do for your relationship and how much more in love you'll feel after the getaway is over! 

Tradition - It can be as simple as opening your Christmas gifts from each other before the kids get up or extravagant as a fancy dinner on the same day every year. You will always have something special that is unique to you as a couple. 

Dream/Plan for the Future - I'm sure there are a lot of things you dream about for your future together. How many kids you want to have, what features you want in your house, vacations you want to take, where you want to retire, etc. You'll have goals to work toward, things to save for and more to look forward to.

Happy Marriage
How do you keep the spark alive in your marriage?


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